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“Is It Really True That Massage Is Rated As High As Medication For Pain Relief? Here’s What Many Americans Say To That Question…”

Well, according to many experts it is! As a matter of fact, the answer to that is simple….YES! It’s true! For the treatment of pain, many Americans rate massage as highly as medications. *A new survey proves this to be true! Listen what it revealed…

First of all, the American Massage Therapy Association took a bunch of people and did a study. They interviewed them all and found out many awesome things about how massage helps heal, relieve sore muscles, and most importantly, is considered to be a huge help in relieving pain!

As a matter of fact, they also found massage is growing like crazy. They found that one in five U.S. adults received a therapeutic massage in the last year alone! Three-fourths of them would recommend it to others — and it’s not just because of massage therapy’s growing popularity, it’s because it makes you feel great!

Did you know that among those Americans who actually had a massage in the past year, 28 percent say massage therapy gives them “the greatest relief from pain?? It’s true. What are you waiting for?? Don’t wait another second…get a massage ASAP! Here’s are some more reasons why you need to get in here:

Here are 6 More Reasons Why You Should Request Your Free Massage With Us Right Now:

Reason #1: Massage Is Healthy!
Imagine, 90 percent of Americans feel massage is good for a person’s health! Have you gotten one lately?

Reason #2: Massage STOPS PAIN!
It’s true! 93 percent of Americans feel that massage can be effective for pain relief!

Reason #3: Massage is Becoming Know as The PAIN SOLUTION!
The use of massage in people age 65 and older has tripled from 4 percent in 1997 to 15 percent in 2005! What wisdom in our elders!

Reason #4: Massage is Helping Almost Half of Our Population, Why Not Let it Help You?
34 percent of the folks in our country had a pain relieving massage in the last five years and loved every second of it!

Reason #5: Massage is The Topic of Conversation!
73 percent of those who have a massage recommend it to a person they know!

Reason #6: Doctor’s Recommend Massage!
Among folks who discussed massage with their health care provider, 57 percent said they strongly recommended massage or encouraged them to get a massage!

What more proof do you need?? Let me help you. I’d love to meet you and prove to you just how massage works and makes you feel great and relieves pain. Imagine feeling like a new person!

We’re located right here in Fountain Valley and we have very flexible hours! (Our full address is actually below.) I really look forward to meeting you and don’t worry, if you have some more questions, once we get together, I’ll answer any other questions you may have.

Just take a second and complete the form below. Immediately, you’ll receive a free 30 minute massage in your email. Just complete the form below, look it over, think about it, and then when you’re ready, come on in for your free 30 minute massage, it’s that easy! Plus, check this out…

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Dr. Richmond, D.C.

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*Sources: 2005 Massage Therapy Consumer Survey, Opinion Research Corp. International, Princeton, N.J., conducted Aug. 11-14, 2005. M.K. Brennan, RN, LMBT, vice president, American Massage Therapy Association. Tiffany Field, PhD, director, Touch Research Institute, University of Miami School of Medicine.