Dr. Richmond, D.C. Fountain Valley ChiropractorHave you been experiencing head pain, such as migraine headaches? Is this pain disrupting your everyday life? If you answered “yes” to these questions, then it is time that you and I get together for a consultation. My name is Dr. Daniel P. Richmond, D.C., and I am a chiropractor specializing in head pain in the Fountain Valley area.

Living with pain of any kind can cause many disruptions in your life, especially when the pain is from headaches. And more than likely, the problem is not limited to pain. You are probably also constantly fatigued or having difficulty sleeping because of the discomfort. You don’t need to live like this.

Head Pain is Often Caused by Muscle Stress

I see many patients who are suffering needlessly from headaches. Often, head pain is caused by muscle stress, especially in the neck and shoulder muscles. With the right chiropractic care, you will find that your headaches lessen significantly, if not disappear altogether. I have the experience and use the latest chiropractic techniques to eliminate your head pain, as well as heal the source of that pain.

Don’t Live with Head Pain Any Longer

If you are experiencing head pain and think that it may be caused by muscle tension, I can help you. Remember, head pain is not something that you have to live with forever. I can rid you of your pain by dealing with the source—without the need for drugs or surgery.

See me, Dr. Daniel P. Richmond, D.C., at my office conveniently located at 9092 Talbert Ave Suite #9 in Fountain Valley.

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