Dr Richmond, D.C. Fountain Valley shoulder painShoulder and arm pain can make daily activities difficult to perform due to the pain and immobility these conditions can cause. If you are suffering from shoulder and arm pain, I can help.

My name is Dr. Daniel P. Richmond, D.C., and I am a chiropractor in the Fountain Valley area. I have successfully helped many in our community who have experienced shoulder and arm pain, and I am certain that I can treat your pain too.

There are many chiropractic techniques that I will use to help ease, and even eliminate, your shoulder and arm pain. Through a series of therapeutic exercises and adjustments in my office, I will be able to get to the root of your pain, and help you live an active pain-free life.

Stop Living With Shoulder/Arm Pain Forever

If you are living with shoulder or arm pain, you are doing so needlessly. I will diagnose your condition and work to create the best course of therapy for you as an individual. Since not everyone benefits from the same treatments, we will work together to find out which treatments work best to eliminate your pain.

I will use the latest chiropractic techniques, as well as some tried, tested and true techniques, to eliminate your pain forever.

See me, Dr. Daniel P. Richmond, D.C., at my office conveniently located at 9092 Talbert Ave Suite #9.

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